Throughout her life, Dolores has studied and experimented with different art forms, but her first and most enduring artistic joy is the most tactile of all the arts: ceramics. This is the medium that has captured her imagination and absorbed her most deeply ever since she was a young child. 

A graduate from Cambridge University, she initially pursued a career in corporate branding and communication until her family's relocation freed her to explore her love of working with clay.

A self-taught ceramic artist, Dolores’ lineage is a highly creative one, both on the side of her British father (Gage) and her Spanish mother (Díaz-Caneja). Her close relatives include the well known jeweller Elizabeth Gage, designer and former antique dealer Robin Gage, highly respected author and philosopher Anne Baring, painter and poet Thalia Gage, and painters Thalia Malcolm, Robin Baring and Juan Manuel Caneja, to name but a few. Dolores has inherited their eye and passion for creative endeavours, as well as a deep appreciation of beauty and quality workmanship.

Dolores sees herself as a creative facilitator as well as an artist. As a teacher, her students delight in discovering how much they are capable of under her expert guidance. As a designer, her clients appreciate her ability to understand their needs and to interpret them through the medium of clay.