Corporate gifts

An elegant and thoughtful corporate gift communicates the corporate giver's appreciation while at the same time conveying an element of their identity or character as an organisation. Ideally, this should be perceived as beautiful, useful, or in some way valuable by the receiver.


One example of such a gift is a limited edition series I designed for a global institution, who were looking for something special with which to thank their VIP clients for their loyalty. After approaching me with the commission, I came up with several options including a 'Two by Two' painting which could be tailored to their palette of corporate colours. The result was a limited edition series of 125 paintings, each accompanied by a certificate of authenticity on the back, and elegantly framed in silver. We deliberately did not include the logo on the front as my client wanted their customers to feel they could enjoy and display their gift without the discomfort of any corporate overtones. What mattered was the relationship and that they should feel appreciated.

Invierno en Altamira (2015)
Size without frame: 18 x 27 cm
Sold, corporate commission for a limited edition series of 125 paintings to be used as VIP corporate gifts


Square plates with the company logo highlighted by a subtle texture (size 14 x 14 cm).

Small globe with interpretation of company logo (diameter 11 cm).

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