Luxury sculptural hand basins 

Art for your bathroom: drawing both on inspiration and intuition, I break away from the norm as I work with the clay to express fantasy while ensuring the basin's operative integrity.

An elegant marriage of form and function: that is how I see my luxury sculptural hand basins. Each one is tailor-made, designed to capture the individuality of the client, who is thereby assured of owning a strikingly original, personal and useful work of art. 

Many of the designs exude a sense of warmth, sensuality, and a gentle irreverence – qualities I attribute to my Mediterranean heritage. The result is unexpected yet delightful, and this is the spirit with which I encourage every client to approach the design of their very own luxury sculptural basin*.

Examples of basins

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Designs © Dolores Gage 

Examples of installations

Designs © Dolores Gage
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