The Geranium Leaf Basin


The geranium leaf basin came to me as I was strolling one lovely spring morning along the terrace of my father’s house. The dew drops caught my eye as they pooled in the centre of the naturally cupped leaf, and it struck me as a perfect shape for a basin.

I tried to capture the velvety feel of the leaf by texturing the surface of the clay and using a matte glaze which would fill the grooves and soften the lines. The design is particularly versatile as it could be made to be deeper or shallower according to clients’ preferences, and finished in a variety of tones.

This basin is especially close to my heart, as geraniums were one of my beloved grandparents’ favourite plants and their vivid colours and distinctive fragrance always take me back to happy summers with them in France. 

1 Geranium leaf side 3.JPG
DG working on hand 1.JPG

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