The Hand Basin

This is the first sculptural basin I ever made. Once upon a time, I was looking for an unusual basin for a guest bathroom, but all I could find were yet more variations on the minimalist circle or square. None of them offered anything new, distinctive or surprising. So I decided to make the basin myself, and started looking around for inspiration for a strikingly unique design.

I have always been fascinated by hands – their versatility, their expressiveness, their usefulness, and the never ending fun I had while making things with mine. It was as I sat on a bus, studying my own hands and wondering what I could make with them, that the idea of the ‘hand basin’ came to me.

The basin is in fact just one hand placed against a full length mirror. The effect is of two cupped hands floating as if magically in mid air, offering you a place to wash your hands.

The first model

Building up the main body of the basin

Checking progress against the model

Checking dimensions and proportions

Hollowing it out to lighten the weight

The fired basin before installation

Designs © Dolores Gage 
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