The Nautilus Shell Basin

With its simple pattern and complex structure, the nautilus shell is one of those natural shapes that fascinates people. It also seemed to me to combine both an intricate and perfect work of art in the form of its internal spirals and a natural vessel to contain water.

The unusual asymmetry of this basin paradoxically works well. The spiral was covered with glass, thus providing a decorative and clean counter top, while the pool-like section offers an ample space for flowing water.

I chose to finish the basin with an icy blue matte glaze, but it would also be suited to any of the glaze tones – ochre, beige, cream, off-white, etc. – that echo shades of the natural world.

New Nautilus Basin, still showing the beauty of the spirals but with a design that is easier to clean and maintain.

Waterlilly detail drain 1 (2).JPG

This basin is currently at the bisque stage of production, ready to glaze as desired.

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