A lifelong passion

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Pablo Picasso

I love this quote. It expresses a hope that, as adults, we can stay in touch with, or rediscover, that inner creativity. As I discovered, it is never too late to try!

My own creative energy was like a persistent background hum as I moved from school to university to full time employment. Working with my hands has been my lifelong passion, and while I never dreamt of it being a ‘serious’ pursuit from which I could make a living, any spare time I had was almost invariably spent designing and making things. 

It was only after working in Public Relations for two years and not really enjoying it that my creative restlessness pushed me to apply as a mature student to study a Diploma in Art & Design Studies at Sir John Cass College of Art & Design in London. I had two weeks to put a portfolio together from scratch, and I loved every minute!

I had to choose an element from my surroundings and explore it in 2-D, 3-D and through photography. I chose ‘Hands’, and set to work with an energy I never knew I had. I drew my friends’ hands over lunch, I did a B&W photographic series of hands communicating through sign language, I carved a baby’s hand out of a sweet smelling bar of soap, the ideas just kept flowing … and much to my amazement, I was accepted into the course! It was there that I rediscovered ceramics and my ‘love affair’ with the medium took off.

A couple of turbulent years followed. I felt I would need a huge amount of luck to succeed as an artist. So I resorted to my more ‘secure’ university degree to help me earn a living and relegated my creative passion to ‘hobby’ status, nurturing it with evening classes.

I moved to Madrid for work in my mid 30s, met my Spanish husband, and we set about designing and building our first home together. It was my brilliant husband who challenged me to make a unique basin that would fit in with our Mediterranean style! Surprise, surprise, ‘Hands’ recurred as a theme, and I made my first sculptural basin.

My husband's work took our growing family back to the UK, on to the Netherlands, and then back to Spain. More luxury sculptural basins followed, inspired by such diverse sources as a painting, an architectural feature, a hobby, and each bringing a touch of creativity, individuality and delight to my clients' homes.

In parallel, I have been sharing my love of clay through classes for adults and children. I have also been exploring the infinite possibilities of glazing, ceramic paintings and sculptural decorative objects to bring nature, personality and uniqueness to every home.